Vermont Sunrise Process

The Vermont Sunrise Review Process is a means by which the Vermont Office of Professional Regulations (OPR) reviews whether there is necessity to create new state regulation for a profession.  This determination is made based on Protecting Public Safety.

The Sunrise Process is not the legislative process.  The Sunrise Process is established to determine the need for new regulation whereas the legislative process will determine how the actual nature of any regulation will be written and enacted.  The Sunrise Process will determine the least amount of regulation necessary to best effectively protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

The following are all the steps of the Vermont Sunrise Review Process:

  1. Application for Preliminary Sunrise Review Assessment including all supporting documentation due to Office of Public Regulations by July 1st.
  2. OPR will schedule a Public Meeting on the request and will notify interested persons.  OPR will set a deadline for submission of Written Comments no sooner than one week after the public hearing.
  3. One of two OPR legal counsels will perform the evaluation of whether regulation is necessary to protect the public.  The Office will base the evaluation upon: (1) Information contained in the request for regulation, (2) Oral comments received at the public hearing, (3) Written comments submitted after the public meeting, (4) Its own budget analysis and (5) Any other information pertinent to the request.
  4. OPR prepares a written preliminary assessment and files it with the appropriate House or Senate Committee by November 1st of each year.
  5. OPR sends a copy of the written preliminary assessment to person or group requesting regulation and to any interested parties.

On June 30, 2010, the Vermont Initiative for Massage Standards submitted the Application for Preliminary Sunrise Review (the first step in the Sunrise Process) for Massage Therapy to the Vermont Office of Professional Regulation.

This blog is designed to follow the Vermont Sunrise Process for Massage Therapy and to provide a portal to for you to be a part of the process.